Initialization Tests
Test Test Result
def.html file exists and was properly uploaded #%DEF_TEST%#
errors.dat file exists and was properly uploaded #%ERRORS_TEST%#
lang.dat file exists and was properly uploaded #%LANG_TEST%#
Checking .htaccess file for proper AuthUserFile setting #%HT_TEST%#
Checking admin directory permissions #%ADIR_TEST%#
Checking data directory permissions #%DDIR_TEST%#
Checking template files permissions #%TFILES_TEST%#

Test Information
Some of the pre-installation tests did not pass. Below are descriptions of each test and what you can do to resolve the problems. If you wish to ignore this and bypass the pre-installation tests, click here.

def.html, errors.dat, and lang.dat file tests

If any of these tests fail this indicates the specified file is either missing or corrupted. Double check to make sure you have uploaded all of these files to the data directory and that they were uploaded in ASCII mode. If you still cannot get this test to pass, download a new copy of the software from the owners lounge and use the files from that distribution.

.htaccess AuthUserFile setting test

This test will check to make sure that the AuthUserFile setting in the .htaccess file points to a valid directory on your server. If this test fails, it indicates that you have not setup the correct full path to your admin directory. Check for typos in the directory setting, and if necessary contact your server administrator to verify you are using the correct path.

admin and data directory permissions

If either of these tests fail, it indicates that the correct permissions have not been set on the specified directory. In most cases you will need to use 777 permissions on both of these directories.

Template files permissions test

If this test fails, it indicates that one or more of the files in the templates directory does not have the correct permissions. In most cases you will need to use 666 permissions on all files in the templates directory. The file which has incorrect permissions will be listed with this error.