AutoRank Initialization
AutoRank has been intialized. You should now visit the setup.cgi script so you can enter your variables and options.

Default login information has been set for the administrative area. Use the following for your initial access:

Username: admin
Password: admin

If the username and password are not accepted

This indicates that the .htaccess file in the admin directory has not been properly configured. Double check that you have entered the correct path to the .htpasswd file. If you are absolutely sure you have, you will need to contact your server administrator for assistance with .htaccess on your server.

If you receive a 500 Server Error

If you get a 500 Server Error before you are able to enter your login information, it indicates there is a problem with your .htaccess file. Double check to see that it has been setup properly, or contact your server administrator to find out the proper usage of .htaccess on your server.

If you get the error after you enter your login information, there are a few things to check. First off, try changing the permissions on the admin directory to 755. If that does not help, double check that you have setup a valid perl path, that all permissions are set properly, and that you have uploaded all files in ASCII mode.