Variables Successfully Recorded
Your options and variable settings have been recorded.

AutoRank Setup Verification
Test Test Result
Writing a file to the data directory #%DDIR_TEST%#
Writing a file to the HTML directory #%HDIR_TEST%#

Other Information
Current Date and Time: #%DATE%# #%TIME%#

The setup is now complete. If the tests above have passed, you are ready to continue using AutoRank. If the tests did not pass, verify that you have the correct paths and permissions setup. Below are some common error messages.

Permission denied - This error indicates that you have not set the proper permissions on the directories. Make sure the data directory and HTML directory are both set to 777.

No such file or directory - This error indicates you have entered an invalid pathname for the directory. Double check for typos. If you continue to get this error message, contact your server administrator to get the correct path to your files.

Once the tests have passed, you can continue on to the administrative interface.